Breaking – France Recalls US and Australia Ambassadors over Aukus Pact as Tensions Escalate.

Today,  in an unprecedented turn of events, France has recalled its US ambassador.

It appears that “America First” at any cost, never left the White House. This is despite Biden, a Democrat, replaced Trump, the Republican who won the job on America First platform.

Many may not recall that it was France who gifted the  US its status of Liberty. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was the painter, sculptor and designer of Liberty Enlightening the World, which later became known globally as the Statue of Liberty.

This is the first time France has recalled a US ambassador in alliance dating back to American revolution

The action was prompted by the US and Australia announcement and Australia’s surprise decision to cancel an order for French-built submarines and replace it with a new security pact with Washington and London and Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison and Joe Biden announcing the Aukus pact.

The French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said the order to bring the ambassadors back to Paris “immediately” was made at the request of the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

“This exceptional decision is justified because of the exceptional seriousness of the announcements made on 15 September by Australia and the United States,” Le Drian said in a statement late on Friday.

Le Drian had already described the trilateral Aukus security pact – including the submarine deal – as a “stab in the back”.

“The abandoning of the ocean class submarine project that linked Australia and France since 2016, and the announcement of a new partnership with the United States to launch studies on possible future cooperation on nuclear-powered submarines, constitute unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners, the consequences of which affect the very conception we have of our alliances, our partnerships and the importance of the Indo-Pacific region for Europe,” Le Drian added.

Developing story – More to follow

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