About Survivability News Publishing™

Survivability News Publishing™ is an extension of Survivability News™, both of which are subsidiaries of MLi Group. MLI Group was founded by Group Chairman Khaled Fattal,

Fattal is an Amazon, Wall Street Journal Amazon, and USA Today Best-Selling author. Fattal is often invited to speak at major conferences, summits and expos around the world to audiences in their thousands. He also often delivers the MLI Private Survivability Briefings worldwide to chairman, CEOs, and government leaders’ partners as well as at University Campuses to their faculty and students, hosted by partners and prospective.

About MLi Group

MLi Group is the parent and holding company of many subsidiaries such Survivability News™, Survivability Wealth Management™, Survivability Recruitment™, Survivability MasterClass, and many others.

Survivability News Publishing™ the latest addition to the MLi Group family.

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What Are
Cyber™ Risks?

What Is Geo-Poli-Cyber™?

MLi Group created the terms Poli-Cyber™ and Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) in 2012 and 2013 based on the philosophy that if you cannot identify and name the threat, you cannot mitigate that threat.

Geo-Poli-Cyber™ attacks are political, ideological, terrorist, extremist, ‘religious’, and/or geo-politically motivated.

More Sinister Than Financial Motivations

Geo-Poli-Cyber™ attacks are significantly different from financially motivated cyber-attacks in damage, scale, magnitude as well as in risk mitigation strategies and solutions.

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